Burswood residential real estate

There are 3 terms that define Real Estate in Western Australia. They are:

Residential real estate: This is used for residential dwellings. These can range from single dwellings to high rise apartments.

Commercial real estate: This is used for areas carrying on business.

Industrial real estate: This land that has been specifically zoned for industry.

Residential Zonings:

Residential zoning as defined by West Australia R Codes, (R20, R30, R60 etc) soley allows for an area to be used for the purpose of home dwellings. No commercial or industrial activity can be carried on in these areas.

Residential zoning in Burswood comprises of single dwellings, duplexes, townhouses and high rise apartments.

Residential real estate values are totally dependant of the law of 'supply and demand' (often called 'the invisible hand) as opposed to commercial property which is governed by the rental income it produces.

The 3 main types of residential real in Burswood estate are:

  • Townhouse for sale
  • Apartments for sale
  • Units for sale
  • Property or residential for sale

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Burswood real estate for sale examples

Townhouses for sale in Burswood: There are currently some 40 townhouses listed for sale, ranging from $460,000 to $1,250,000

Apartments for sale in Burswood: There are currently 277 apartments for sale in Burswood, ranging from 1 bedroom at $375,000 to Penthouses at $2,500,000.

Units for sale in Burswood: There are currently 32 Units for sale in Burswood, most in the $279,000 to $289,000 price range.

High Rise Apartments: The Peninsula in Burswood is a multi award winning high rise community built by Mirvac. Most of these have stunning River or Perth CBD views.

Buying and selling real estate in Burswood, WA is handled by a number a different real estate agencies. You can also buy real estate direct from the developers, such as Mervac who are building high rise apartments on the Burswood Peninsula and The Circus.

EXAMPLE: 1408/96 Bow River Crescent Burswood WA 6100 is currently listed for $1,389,000 - $1,449,000 by Harcourts of East Perth. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, luxury apartment is located in Mervacs Aurora Tower, on the 14th floor and commands stunning views.

With room to build a double storey home, 7C Teague Street, Burswood, WA 6100, is listed by Bourkes real estate agency in South Perth and is offered at $429,000 - $479,000. The second story would offers views across the Swan River to the Perth CBD skyline.

As in commercial real estate, Residential real estate values are heavily influenced by "location, location, location" - The better or more prestigious the location, the easier it is to get to the Perth CBD, plus views over the Swan River, will greatly effect the price of the property.

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Residential Real Estate Definitions

A building that is primarily used for the purpose of transacting business, either directly in the Sydney CBD or areas with designated 'commercial' zoning in Sydney and NSW suburbs.