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Burswood is an inner south Eastern suburb of Perth, Western Australia and is located immediately across the Swan River from Perth's central business district (CBD) via The Causeway and a 10 minute drive via the newer Graham Farmer Freeway.

Burswood is bounded by the Swan River on 3 sides with the Freeway and Armadale on the Eastern side. Real Estate development has been extensive in the past 10 years with many high rise buildings being constructed near the Burswood Dome.


These high rise apartments offer spectacular views over the Swan River, the Burswood golf course and across the River to the Perth CBD. The Burswood Entertainment Complex (formally called the Burswood casino) occupies some prime real estate (formally known as the Burswood Island Resort) saw the suburb renamed to just 'Burswood' The complex includes 2 hotels, a 24/7 casino, 7 restaurants and bars. There is also a nightclub and indoor Stadium known as the Burswood Dome.

Recently, part of the Burswood golf course (a former rubbish tip) was purchased from the WA Government to build a Perth's first 6 star resort and convention centre. This will have a good impact on real estate prices in the already sought after suburb.

Burswood Property Data and Trends:

Helpful information about Burswood real estate can be found on the RP Data website.

Burswood also has a large area of Commercial real estate as well as Residential and is home to some of West Australia larger companies. There are currently around 100 commercial properties listed for sale in the suburb of Burswood with the highest asking price of $2,800,000. This redevelopment property was recently passed in at auction. A smaller split level office suite is listed for sale at $1,950,000.

More can be found about here about Commercial property for sale in Burswood

Commercial property for sale in Burswood

In urban locations, a high rise commercial building often has multiple uses, such as an offices located above commercial on the ground floor

The zoning in Burswood covers the use of 'commercial activity' as well as 'residential living' and allows for a higher density of development.

In some areas of Burswood, the zoning allows for both commercial and residential to co-exist, usually in the form of high rise apartments, the commercial on the ground floors with residential located above.

Real estate in Burswood can be identified as 6 major categories.

  • 1) Single residential
  • 2) High Rise luxury Apartments
  • 3) Duplex properties
  • 4) Townhouses and Units

With commercial being:

  • 1) Retail
  • 2) Office
  • 2) Casino
  • 3) Industrial / Warehouse
  • 5) Leisure / Hotel
  • 6) Medical centres

Sydney commercial real estate.

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